Whatever Happens, Stay Positive.

So many troubling events, happening in rapid-fire succession, had me stressed-out, depressed and having trouble sleeping. Trouble sleeping had me tired & tense.

Stressed, tense and tired, I’m snapping at the children, the dog, irritated by my neighbors loud music…little things seem like enormous obstacles. The anger grows with each cross word I use, and eventually grows into a headache!

Are my Chakras out of balance?


Years later…(guess I’m a slow learner)…I discovered the One Secret to living a stress-free lifestyle.

Sure, there will always be obstacles and disappointments and hurts and sorrows…

I cannot control the future.

But I can control one thing.

My mind.

A positive mind is a powerful thing!

What Makes You Feel Good?

When I’m feeling good, my state of mind is clear of confusion, turmoil, and negative thoughts.

To accomplish this State, proper nutrition, (I have numerous health issues), adequate exercise, (enough of a workout that is appropriate for me), friendly & loving interactions with others, & daily celebration, (lots of laughter, entertainment & relaxation), are essential parts of my life.

This website shares the things that keep life pleasant…

  1. Health,
  2. Self-Improvement &
  3. Goal-Seeking that builds wealth.

These are the 3 things that make me feel good. How about you?

If you feel this way, browse here, and enjoy. Treat yourself to something special, that will improve your life in some way!


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David McGraw’s Laser Coaching Session: Discover How To Get On The ‘Right Road’ To Success Without Being Frustrated, Lost and Stressed-Out!


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